An Interactive Public Consultation Solution

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The e-consult tool allows the rapid deployment of a fully accessible public consultation. Want to know more?

A fully responsive public consultation experience

A fully responsive public consultation experience

Increase key stakeholder engagement by offering a fully accessible, mobile responsive public consultation.

Easy to use dynamic layouts allow the rapid creation of sections.

One-click configurable plugins offer further interactivity such as image galleries, mapping, comment forms. and much more.

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Continuous engagement with the news feature

Keep your audience informed with the integrated news feature which allows you to give regular updates as part of your consultation.

With an easy-to-use interface, you are able to add, update & delete news articles using the simple and feature-rich News plugin.

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Continuous engagement with the news feature
Inform with Google My Maps

Inform with Google My Maps

Get into real detail by adding interactive, layered mapping through Google My Maps.

Google My Maps offers a comprehensive toolset for creating layered GIS data to inform your key stakeholders.

This can be linked using the Google plugin and maintained externally, so your key stakeholders will always see the latest version.


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Instant feedback with forms

Increase consultation responses and feedback through the use of our simple comments form plugin.

This feeds through to configured email addresses enabling you to respond quickly.

the plugin also allows the embedding of a Survey Monkey form for increased flexibility.

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Instant feedback with forms
Report with Advanced Analytics

Report with Advanced Analytics

e-consult integrates with Google Analytics to enable real-time reporting on visitor statistics.

Tap into Google’s aggregated audience demographics like age, gender, and country to get a real insight on your visitors.

Create advanced reports to help measure stakeholder engagement.

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Why use an online public consultation platform?

Increase public engagement

It increases engagement. This provides the decision-makers a better understanding of the stakeholders’ values, interests, issues, and concerns about the proposal. This empowers you to make better decisions.

Generate new ideas

It appeals to a larger demographic and encourages the public to provide meaningful input. This can generate new ideas to be considered and evaluated throughout the process.

Create Partnerships

It helps create a strong foundation for long-lasting and trustful relationships between the project and the stakeholders.